Help A Sista Out, (hehe)

* As You Can See I Dont Have ALL The Lyrics For Some Songs. And Some Songs Arnt Even Listed. And Before I Go And Put Up What I Think They Are and Making a Total Retard Of Myself Id Like To Have Some Peoples Opinions.

* On Alot Of The Live Songs Theres A "____" At Certin Spots. Ive Informed You What That Stands For, That At That Certin Point Me Or Anyone Else Ive Asked Couldnt Figure What The Lyrics Were.

* IF Anyone Has Any Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Or Ideas Just E-Mail Me With The Subject "Lyrics"

I Have A Bad Habbit Of Deleting Randon E-Mails

So Just E-Mail Me With That Subject and Ill Get Right Back To You!

The Following Songs I Need Lyrics For

- Hey Mr Boogie

And Any Other Songs I Dont Have Listed. Feel Free To Help Out, God Knows I Need It.

Thanks For Coming!

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