Thank You's Go Out To...

There Are MANY MANY People Out there Who Have Contribuated (I Know I Didnt Spell It Right) To The Page And Have Helped Me Out Alot So Heres Where Ill Just Give Everyone Thier Little Shoutout And Whatnot... If I Have Forgotten You For Some Unknown Reason Just Let Me Know And Ill Gladly Put You Up Here

In No Particular Order Of Course:

Kimba- Alex- Amy(And Invisible ED of course)- CoZMiCK MeMa- Ezbe- Lauren- Toby- Trolll- Lydia- All Of The Jamline!- All of The Folks Who Run A Kickin' Jami Page- Heema(forgot your real name, HA)- Nik- etc etc

So Theres Some Of The People Who Helped Me In One Way Or Another =)

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